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Pet Safe Seat Belt

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Protect Your Dog In The Car And Stay Safe From Distracted Driving

Every day, thousands of dog owners drive their pups around in the car. The dogs walk up and down the back, climb all over the seats, and get in and out of the driver's lap. In case of a crash, this can be extremely dangerous for the dog — and it can be risky for anyone else in the car as well.

The SilkyPaws® Dog Seat Belt is a breakthrough new invention that protects your dog in the car. One end of the SilkyPaws® Seat Belt simply clips into any standard Seat Belt slot. The other end clips into your dog's harness.

The result is that with the SilkyPaws® Seat Belt, your dog is safe, comfortable, and under control while you get to drive without distraction or disturbance. Because you wouldn't allow an unrestrained toddler in the car — so why do it with your dog?


What You Get With Our Feature Packed Pet Seatbelt

Tested and Proven: Pawori seatbelts have been tried and tested by 1,000's of dogs around the world and growing

High-Quality Materials: Each seatbelt is made from heavy-duty fabric.

Adjustable: Our seatbelt adjusts from 53 to 74 cm and features a bungee cord design aimed to reduce shock during any sudden jolts.

Swivel Head Clasp: The 360° clasp was designed to avoid your dog getting tangled in the leash if they move around the seat.

Fits For Any Car: Since our seatbelt takes advantage of the regular, standardized car seatbelt buckle it will fit with the vast majority of compact, SUVs or trucks.

How-to Use Your SilkyPaws® Dog Seatbelt

The SilkyPaws® Pet Safe Seat Belt Dog Seatbelt is simple to use and will work with any car vehicle model that utilises a standard seatbelt buckle.

  • Adjust the size of the car dog seatbelt based on the size of your dog. The aim is not to completely restrict your dog (Fido still can poke his head out the window!) but limit their movement so it cannot present a danger to both themselves, you and your passengers. For smaller dogs you will want to shorten the seatbelt. Larger dogs will require a bit more slack.
  • Prepare your car for your journey and clip your dog seatbelt into one of the available car seat buckles.
  • Place your dog in your car and attach the 360° swivel clasp to your dog’s harness. Remember: it’s important to use a harness and not a a collar to prevent neck injuries in case of any sudden impact.

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